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good news iran: Iran, Armenia emphasize cooperating on joint investment

During the meeting, the Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) Gholamhossein Shafei pointed to the amicable ties between Iran and Armenia and said that Armenia enjoys excellent economic growth in the Central Asian and Caucasus region.

Turning to the status and specifications of Armenian economy, Shafei said that economy in Armenia is based on free economy and this issue has caused the country to enjoy considerable economic growth.

Armenia has an influential presence in Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), he said, adding that Armenia is the only country in the Union that shares joint border with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Elsewhere in his remarks, chairman of ICCIMA pointed to the sanctions imposed against Iran and said that the volume of trade between Iran and Armenia will expand after sanctions imposed on Iran are lifted and consequently, trade and business relations between the two countries will be developed considerably.

Cooperating in the bartering method can be a proper strategy for overcoming oppressive US sanctions, he added.

Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Economy, for his turn, said that Armenia attaches great importance to its relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields.

Armenia is the only country in EAEU which shares joint land border with the Islamic Republic of Iran in a way that Armenia can pave suitable ways for the Islamic Republic of Iran to get access to lucrative market of Eurasian Economic Union.



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