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good news iran: Ebtekar calls for boosting Iran-Japan entrepreneurs’ coop.

On Monday, a specialized webinar on “Supporting Women Entrepreneurs amid Covid-19 pandemic with an Emphasis on the Digital Market” was held in the presence of Iranian and Japanese officials.

The webinar was attended by Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President of Iran for Women and Family Affairs, and Japanese envoy to Tehran Mr. Ikawa Kazutoshi as Iranian Ambassador to Japan Morteza Rahmani Movahed.

The status of Iranian women in the face of tough sanctions and the pandemic shows that their strong will and self-confidence have overcome this challenge, said Ebtekar in this ceremony.
Japanese women also strengthened their online businesses amid the pandemic and were able to partially compensate for the damages, providing new business models, she said.

Referring to the historical and cultural commonalities of Iran and Japan, Ebtekar stressed that these commonalities provide a good basis for expanding cooperation between Iranian and Japanese entrepreneurs.

Referring to the historical cooperation of Iran and Japan in the field of economy and culture, Ebtekar said, “Through a joint agreement between Iran’s Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affair and the Japanese Sasakawa Peace Foundation, cooperation in the field of women’s economic empowerment has been pursued in recent years.”

“There is good cooperation between state and non-state organizations in Iran in the field of supporting women entrepreneurs, and we hope that this cooperation will expand and improve in the future”, Iran envoy to Japan said in this video conference.

Hailing the cooperation between the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Iran’s Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affair, Rahmani Movahed stressed the need to expand this cooperation.

Describing the empires of Iran and Japan as two great and glorious empires of Asia in ancient times, the Japanese envoy to Tehran said that Iranian and the Japanese nations share many commonalities in the field of cultural and ancient heritages.

In recent years, the Iranian government has taken good measures in the field of supporting women, especially women entrepreneurs, and supporting the dignity, and rights of women which is appreciable, he noted.



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