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good news iran: Int’l maritime security coordination center to be launched in Chabahar

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Navy commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced that international maritime security coordination center will be launched in Chabahar port aiming at maintaining maritime security in the region.

“The center will be launched for the first time in Chabar. It will be launched for the Indian Ocean rim countries enabling them to exchange information for establishing maritime security. This center can also conduct naval operations,” he said.

“Indian Ocean as the third biggest ocean in the world has been plagued by piracy in recent years and centers of insecurity have formed in the Gulf of Aden which caused the countries of the region to be alert,” General Khanzadi noted.

“Naval forces have a significant presence in the east and north of the Indian Ocean; The Iranian navy is also considered a naval power in the northern Indian Ocean,” he added.

Regarding the dispatch of Makran sea base and Sahand frigate to the Atlantic as the first mission of the Iranian navy in the oceans, General Khanzadei said, “Our presence in the Atlantic is a response to the Americans’ claims that Iran could never sail in the ocean”.

“Makran logistics ship carries 110,000 tons of fuel and can stay in waters for 10 years without the need for refueling. The ship is equipped with an advanced water desalination system and hence can provide a persistent presence of naval fleet in open waters,” he added.

“While Americans are present some 12 miles off Iranian waters, they are afraid of Iran’s naval fleet in the Atlantic that is sailing 5,000 miles far from US,” General Khanzadi emphasized.

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