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good news iran: Iran 10th steelmaker, 2nd producer of sponge iron in world

Iran is the tenth steelmaker and the second largest producer of sponge iron in the world, according to World Steel Association (worldsteel) as cited by the  Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).

With the production of 29 million tons of crude steel in 2020, Iran was able to become the tenth top steelmaker in the world.

The overall steel production last year was announced as 1.87 billion tons.

China became the world’s top steelmaker after producing 1.65 billion tons. India and Japan also ranked second and third in the world with 1.3 million tons and 83 million tons of crude steel, respectively.

According to IMIDRO report, Iran was able to continue to be the top producer of sponge iron in the Middle East and the second largest producer in the world in 2020 with the production of 30.2 million tons of sponge iron, indicating an increase as compared to the year before in 2019 which total production of Iran was 28.5 million tons.

Total global production of sponge iron was recorded to be 106 million tons. India, with a production of 33.6 million tons of the product, continued to be the world’s largest producer of sponge iron.



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