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good news iran: Indie Meme Film Fest to host Iranian “Seven and Half”

“Seven and Half” will compete in the competition section of the 6th Indie Meme Film Festival, in Texas, USA.

The festival will be held in Texas from April 14 to 25, and the film “Seven and a Half” will be screened two times in this cinematic event.

At the end of the main screening of the film, director will answer the questions of journalists and the audience attending the meeting.

Co-produced by Iran and Afghanistan, “Seven and a Half” has won the Golden Gazelle Award of the Australian Film Festival.

Written and directed by Navid Mahmoudi, and produced by his brother Jamshid Mahmoudi, ‘Seven and A Half’ is the story of seven Iranian and Afghan girls narrated in seven episodes in the format of plan-sequence. ‘Seven and A Half’ is the story of seven girls whose weddings are on the same night, but each is dealing with a different issue of their own.



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