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good news iran: Iranian oil to reach Jask within hours

Reza Dehghan broke the news on Sunday and stated, “Currently, oil has reached 980 km of 1,000-kilometer pipeline and we anticipate that the loading of Iran’s first oil export shipment from Jask Oil Terminal will begin soon.”

He put the export capacity of Jask Oil Terminal at this stage at 300,000 barrels of crude oil per day (bpd) and added that this giant project has thus far enjoyed 80 percent physical progress and will reach its nominal capacity of one million barrels of oil per day within the next five months.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Dehghan pointed to more than 90% share of domestic construction in implementation of this national plan and added that maximal use of high potential of Iranian companies in various parts of implementation of this project including construction of pipelines and pumps as well as construction of pipeline in offshore, etc. at the climax of sanctions period coupled with spread of the global coronavirus pandemic are of the salient and unique specifications of this project.

Relying on domestic capability has been effective both in shortening timespan of project implementation and costs, he emphasized,

The project was estimated to cost about $2 billion but it will become operational at a much lower cost, he added.

By operating this national and strategic project to transfer Goreh crude oil to Jask Oil Terminal and arrival of oil to Makran coastal areas, in addition to diversifying export terminals, sustainable development and job creation will be provided with the construction of refineries and petro refineries on these coastal areas, Deputy Head of the National Iranian Oil Company for Development and Engineering Affairs said.

With the start of crude oil exports from Jask in the Sea of Oman, in addition to reducing the number of tankers to load crude oil, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the opportunity to export oil with more security and more stability.



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