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good news iran: Goreh-Jask pipeline project to be inaugurated soon

Tehran (ISNA) – CEO of National Oil Company Masoud Karbasian announced on Sunday that pumping oil into strategic Goreh-Jask pipeline will start upon its completion.

“This huge project will be officially inaugurated in near future with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in attendance,” he said.

“The pipeline will bring oil from Goreh in Bushehr to Jask, making it strategically important as the country’s second-largest crude oil export terminal,” Karbasian added.

The pipeline is laid from Goreh oil terminal in the southwestern Bushehr Province to Jask oil terminal along the Gulf of Oman.

He added that other operating units in Goreh-Jask pipeline project are in a steady situation to transfer oil to Jask terminal, and pumping oil into strategic Goreh-Jask pipeline is being done in a steady situation.

Stating that the Goreh-Jask oil transfer project is currently the largest project in Iran’s oil industry, Karbasian said, “Production of transmission valves, electric pumps, laying a thousand kilometers of pipeline along with the construction of storage tanks, terminals and the single point mooring (SPM) in Jask port using domestic capacities shows the national determination for completing this great and strategic project”.

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