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good news iran: Iran to begin vaccination of school teachers tomorrow

Dr. Alireza Raeisi, Spokesman for the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus made the announcement on Wednesday a day before the Eid Al-Ghadir.

Raeisi thanked the school teachers for their patience during the past a year and the half period since the pandemic began and added that, long-distance education created some problems for the school children and slowed down their learning pace.

The spokesman expressed hope that the schools open very soon, attaching great importance to holding face-to-face classes in schools for their benefits.

He added that the vaccination of the teachers will be based on the lists that the educational administration will give them,

Raeisi further noted that different editions of vaccines will be used to vaccinate the teachers, saying Iran currently uses that Sinopharm, Oxford-AstraZeneca and CovIran Barakat in its vaccination campaign.

The spokesman further alleged that vaccination of school teachers will end in a week.



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