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good news iran: Iran welcoming Baghdad regional summit

Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Hassan Danaeifar, former Iran’s ambassador to Iraq, spoke about a planned regional summit in Baghdad that the Iraqi Prime Minister has invited Iranian officials to attend.

First of all, Iraq believes that the more stable the region becomes, the more it will affect the internal process of this country, Hassan Danaeifar said.

He went on to say, “Iraqi politicians seek to improve the relations between the surrounding countries in order to bring more stability to their country.”

The second point is that Iraq is using the Baghdad summit as an achievement to enhance its status and role in the region, he said.

He also added that Iran welcomes such measures of Iraq because the region needs more cooperation and mutual understanding.

“But the question is that whether the problems between the countries of the region will be solved by holding a summit?” he noted.

“Anyway, I hope this would not just be a ceremonial meeting”, he said, adding that, however, it will be fruitful for Iraq and effective for reducing tensions.

“The Iranian president also noted that we are interested in holding such meetings which are contributing to peace in the region”, elsewhere in his remarks, he said.



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