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good news iran: Import of 30 mn doses of vaccine finalized

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, the Iranian president said, “All governmental and non-governmental sectors, real and legal personalities, and all individuals must be coordinated and unanimous to control the spread of this dangerous virus.”

According to the president, accelerating the process of vaccination and its import is a necessary measure pursued by the government.

 Ebrahim Raeisi announced that the import of 30 million doses of vaccine has been finalized.

 Experts believe that another 60 million doses of vaccine should be provided to control the pandemic, he stressed.

Referring to his Thursday visit to one of the pharmacies in Tehran, the president said,  “It was decided to distribute the required drugs among 100 pharmacies in the first step and among 300 pharmacies in the second step. So that we will no longer witness gatherings in several pharmacies.”



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