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good news iran: Launching Iran-Ghana joint economic commission can spur trade

Lack of knowledge and familiarity of economic activists on the capacities of bilateral cooperation is one of the main problems between Iran and Ghana, so that setting up a joint economic commission between the two countries can help promote bilateral trade and business activities, Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) Gholamhossein Shafei said.

He made the remarks in his meeting with Ghanaian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran Eric Owusu-Boateng in Tehran on Sat.

Ghana’s economy is considered an advanced model among African countries and is the largest economy on African continent after Nigeria, Shafei added.

Ghana is of paramount importance for Iranian traders and merchants, he said, adding that Ghana’s economic and political stability is excellent and this stability has brought about many attractions for bilateral cooperation.

Stating that Iranian and Ghanaian economies can complement each other, Shafei stated that Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys high potential and capability in completion of Ghana’s development and construction projects while Ghana is also very important for Iran in the fields of wood, rubber and paper.

ICCIMA backs development of economic relations with Ghana and it is hoped that this cooperation will be continued in cooperation with the Ghanaian envoy.

Ghanaian envoy to Tehran, for his part, said that political relations between the two countries of Iran and Ghana are at a high level in a way that “we have shown our support for each other in the field of common interests and in multilateral circles.”

“I suggest that Iran Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Embassy, should hold a virtual investment seminar in which members of the two chambers participate to discuss the challenges and ways to address them,” the ambassador emphasized.



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