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good news iran: Vienna Talks to resume soon: Ulyanov

In a tweet on late Friday, Mikhail Ulyanov wrote, “It’s too early to be pessimistic, dear Rob. #ViennaTalks will resume soon.”

“Chances to restore #JCPOA seem to be real, although not fully guaranteed, of course. That’s why the participants should address the remaining shambling blocks with due creativity,” he added.

His tweet came as Robert Malley in an interview with Politico called Iran nuclear deal’s fate”one big question mark”.

“It’s just one big question mark,” he told. Rejoining the multinational accord “is not something that we can fully control,” he said, claiming a lack of engagement from the Iranians.

Iran has held six rounds of talks with JCPOA participants known as the P4+1 with the aim of salvaging the JCPOA in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Tehran has insisted that it would resume full compliance with the deal after the full removal of the sanctions that the previous US administration under Trump illegally imposed on Tehran after its unilateral and illegitimate withdrawal from the JCPOA in May 2018.

It has already stressed that it would leave the Vienna talks if they take too long and if its legitimate demands as per the JCPOA are not met. Anyway, the other parties, especially the Europeans seem to be killing time while the new US administration is still sticking to the Trump-era sanctions.

The current US administration has not yet fulfilled the promises Joe Biden made during his presidential elections campaigns to undo Trump’s actions and return to the deal. In the meantime, Tehran has also stressed that the Biden administration’s return to the agreement without lifting the sanctions is not important at all.

The seventh round of Vienna talks is expected to begin in late August, after the new government takes office in Iran. Meanwhile, the sixth round of talks ended on June 20 and this will mean a two-month hiatus.



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