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good news iran: Zarif, China special envoy stress cooperation on Afghanistan

At the beginning of the meeting,  Zarif congratulated the 50th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Iran and China and expressed his gratitude on the behalf of the Iranian government for supplying the Covid 19 vaccines by China.

Explaining the Islamic Republic of Iran’s viewpoints on the recent developments in Afghanistan, the Iranian Foreign Minister emphasized Iran’s support for the “coordination council to oversee peaceful transfer of power in Afghanistan” with the aim of preventing any escalation of violence and war in the current situation of this country.

Zarif considered the issue of the displaced people as a result of the recent developments in Afghanistan and their taking refuge in neighboring countries to be one of the most important and necessary issues, which needs serious attention, especially amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yu Shiang Yung, Special Envoy of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Afghanistan affairs, also congratulated the 50th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and highlighted the importance of strategic cooperation in various fields between two countries and explained his country’s view on Afghanistan developments. He stressed the need for regional cooperation, especially among Afghanistan’s neighbors.

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