good news iran: Iran bags 1st medal in powerlifting in Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

The powerlifting competitions in -65 kg at Tokyo Paralympic Games kicked off at 16:30 on Friday at Tokyo International Forum.

In this category, 10 athletes from different countries of the world were present and Amir Jafari represented the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At the end of the competition in this category, Liu Li from China won the gold medal by lifting198 kg above his head. Amir Jafari of Iran won a silver medal by lifting 195 kg and stood in second place while Batir al-Hasineh from Algeria won the bronze medal by lifting 192kg.

Amir Jafari recorded 195 kg in the first attempt (snatch) while he failed in his second attempt ended with a fault. In addition, Amir Jarafi also could not record 196 kg in his third attempt.

With this silver medal won by Jafari in the powerlifting competition, the first medal of the Paralympics caravan of the Islamic Republic of Iran was grabbed.



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