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good news iran: Iranian documentaries to vie at Trento film fest.

Gholipour’s documentaries, ‘Contagion’ and ‘Khoniyar’s Children’, are to compete in the named event.

‘Khoniyar’s Children’ is about two brothers and two sisters who have never been married but the villagers regard them as cursed.

‘Contagion’ narrates the story of Iran’s Bakhtiari tribe, the largest group of Iranian migratory nomads, who move en masse in Spring to a Summer camp where there are water and plants for their livestock but this year, due to the pandemic, the government has closed down the roads that the Bakhtiari must travel to migrate.

Born in 1990, he is an Iranian filmmaker. He has directed more than 10 documentary films, mainly focused on local and native issues in the Zagros Mountains of Iran.

Founded in 1952, Trento Film Festival is the oldest international film festival dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration.

The Trento festival has represented the point of reference on these subjects for almost 70 years, over time transforming itself into a genuine testing ground for visions and ideas on the highest lands on earth, embracing an ever-increasing range of interests, including environmental and cultural issues and current affairs, making the festival environment and program even more varied and stimulating.



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