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good news iran: ‘Extra Sauce’ receives honorary mention at Italian fest.

‘Extra Sauce’ is about Hans, a mediocre heartbroken actor, who is greeted by an Angel of Death after attempting to take his life an hour before his play’s premiere.

After winning best screenplay and best actor awards at Canberra Short Film Festival in Australia, as well as receiving an honorary mention for ‘Best Short – Comedy’ at Queen Palm International Film Festival, ‘Extra Sauce’ took part at the 22nd edition of the Sarasota Film Festival in the US.

A sarcastic dark humor conversation begins as Hans tries to convince the Angel that he should be brought back to the world of the living while the Angel enjoys delicious cheeseburgers and lemonade and gives the actor relationship advice.

From its first edition, Concorto has seen submissions increase from 72 to over 3.500, and the call for submissions is now open to short films from all over the world.

Every year, at the end of August, the festival is held in an open-air park arena, where the audience can meet authors, and a professional jury (critics, directors, photographers, actors) awards the first prize (Asino d’Oro) to the winner of the main competition.

Concorto is also part of the Italian team at the world’s most prestigious short films meeting (Clermont-Ferrand) and has tied partnerships with a number of international festivals (Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Interfilm Berlin, Short Waves Poznan).



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