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good news iran: Iran FM must focus on strengthening ties with neighbors: MP

Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency on Sat., Abbas Golroo reiterated that Foreign Ministry must focus more on strengthening its ties with neighboring countries atop priority since Islamic Republic of Iran has a good target market in neighboring states, so that its relations must be expanded with these countries.

Strengthening political, economic, cultural and security relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and neighboring states is of paramount importance, he said, emphasizing that both government and Parliament should join hands to follow up the case seriously.

Presently, Islamic Republic of Iran exports $22 billion worth of products to 15 neighboring states which is very negligible while the value of products imported into 15 neighboring states annually stands at $1,200 billion.

He once again called on responsible officials at 13th government, in addition to boosting ties with other foreign countries, to take effective steps to concentrate on establishing relations with 15 neighbors atop priority.

It is hoped that the current administration will make its utmost efforts in managing foreign policy of the country in difficult conditions, he added.



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