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good news iran: Iran’s membership in SCO “diplomatic success”

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi ended his three-day visit to Tajikistan to attend the 21st Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival at Tehran Mehrabad airport after the visit, Raeisi held a conference with the journalists to brief on the achievements of his trip.

President Raeisi said that the visit was in line with the implementation of his administration’s foreign policy which is based on economic diplomacy and the policy of extending ties with neighbors.

The president said that the acceptance of Iran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was both a “strategic movement” and a “diplomatic success.”

He added that Iran’s membership in the SCO would benefit the Iranian nation economically a lot.

Raeisi further noted that the membership will link Iran to the resources and economic infrastructure of SCO member states.

The president further tasked the Foreign Ministry and other respected ministries with making necessary preparations for Iran’s SCO membership in terms of preparing necessary documents.

Raeisi also said, “Access to the resources and economic infrastructure of SCO member states is a valuable opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The Iranian president also hailed the bilateral meetings he held with the high-ranking officials of the participating countries at the SCO summit as highly fruitful.

“Bilateral meetings in Tajikistan mark the beginning of a new chapter in the economic and cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Raeisi.

He also noted that during the meetings, the stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Afghanistan were explained and a regional consensus on Afghanistan is going to be formed.

He also reiterated that Iran expects the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.



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