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good news iran: No obstacles to strengthen comprehensive ties with neighbouring countries, region: President Raisi

The President described the priority of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to be the development and establishment of comprehensive relations with neighbouring countries and the region and said, “Today, with regard to the huge potentials that created in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, all ministries are obliged to take advantage of the cooperation potentials and use them in the path of economic growth of the country”.

Referring to the membership of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, President Ebrahim Raisi said at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, “Today, not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but all ministries have a responsibility and mission to make the most of the capacities to bring economic prosperity to the country”.

The President noted, “Today, the Shanghai member states know the ground for cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran more than ever and feel that they can have better and more cooperation with Iran, and in talks, they emphasized deepening the level of cooperation with Tehran”.

President Raisi emphasized the acceleration of activating Chabahar port and stated, “Chabahar port is a gateway for connecting with Asian countries and the world, so accelerating its development and operation is very important”.

The President also referred to the consultations held to strengthen bilateral cooperation with Tajikistan and said, “The two countries have deep-rooted cultural connections and beliefs, and during this visit, the two sides decided to start a new chapter in bilateral relations between the two countries”.

Dr. Raisi stated, “The government’s foreign policy is to strengthen relations with neighbouring countries with the priority of economic diplomacy, and we will pursue this policy powerfully, and there are no obstacles to strengthening economic relations with neighbouring countries and the region”.

In another part of his speech, the President appreciated the efforts and self-sacrifices of those involved in the field of health and said, “Today, the acceleration of vaccination has become hopeful for the people and besides, the accuracy and discipline of vaccination is very important that should be considered”.

Dr. Raisi added, “Thank God, the new academic year will begin in due time with the acceleration of the vaccination process, and all students and their families can be sure that education in the country will flourish”.

The President also emphasised the continuation of the movement towards economic growth and reduction of inflation in the country and said, “Positive steps have been taken in this regard and we hope that this process will be accompanied by more speed and be tangible for the people”.

Dr. Raisi pointed out, “In economic decisions, we seek that the measures are accompanied by study and expert work so that the executive steps taken in the economic field are effective and with clear results”.

The President further referred to the Arba’een procession ceremony and said, “All Iranians love Imam Hussein (AS), but the conditions of coronavirus and protection of the lives of the people are necessary and must be done within the framework of health protocols and discipline so that pilgrims’ health is not threatened”.

Dr. Raisi further congratulated Iran’s national volleyball team on acing the Asian Championships and said, “We have a duty to support our athletes who have made our country proud, and strengthen the groundwork for championship sports in the country”.

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