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good news iran: Strengthening ties with neighbors priority of Iran

He made the remarks in Baghdad Multilateral Meeting in New York which was attended by foreign ministers and high representatives of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, and France as well as the EU foreign policy chief, secretary-general of Arab League, secretary-general of Islamic Cooperation Organization, secretary-general of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and chaired by Iraqi foreign minister.

During the meeting, the Iranian foreign minister said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized intra-regional dialogue as a solution to come out of the current crisis. The history and reality of the last 100 years in the region of West Asia (Persian Gulf, North Africa) show that external variables have been the main obstacle to achieving convergence and not achieving sustainable development.

“We have always emphasized that we need endogenous and indigenous security arrangements to create stability and security in the region. Foreign presence and intervention in any form are contrary to the goals of peace and security in the region,” Amir-Abdollahian stressed.

“I emphasize once again that the priority of the new government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to strengthen and develop relations with its neighbors and the region, and I hope that such meetings will bring about a new chapter of cooperation and participation of people of the region for peace,” he added.



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