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good news iran: Armenia to never involve in any conspiracy against Iran

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan also emphasized that Armenia has warm relations with Iran, Armen Press reported.

‘’President Raeisi assumed the office in August 2021, and I also assumed my office in August, following the elections, and we have already met twice”, he said, adding, “This is a fact showing how much we value our relations.”

“I am confident that our Iranian partners know that the Republic of Armenia has never been and will never be involved in any conspiracy against Iran because we extremely value those relations and we will never forget that Iran was the path of life for Armenia in the early 90s. This is such a firm ground for our relations that rules our any involvement of Armenia in any anti-Iran conspiracy’’, Pashinyan said.

Pashinyan admitted that the economic relations between the two countries are hampered by economic sanctions.

Referring to the major projects with Iran, he said, “During our discussions with president Raeisi, we suggested that they should be accelerated, particularly, the 3rd high-voltage power transmission line is under construction.”

‘’During the meetings, I also suggested that we should return to the issue of the construction of Meghri reservoir and HPP, which I think is very important not only in terms of energy but also in terms of joint management of water resources’’, Pashinyan added.



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