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good news iran: Int’l Children’s Film Festival of Iran Pays Tribute to Hero Teen ‘Ali Landi’

In an address to the opening of the film festival on Friday, secretary of IFFCY Alireza Tabesh said this year’s edition commemorates the selfless hero, ‘Ali Landi’.

“We will open this year’s festival in the name and memory of the heroic and self-sacrificing teenager Ali Landi,” he noted, adding that the festival also pays special attention to children with disabilities and the children that have lost their parents due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year’s festival is the venue of cinematic works for the most important generation of the next century, Tabesh said. “This year, according to one tradition, is the last festival of the second century and according to another, the first festival of the new century.”

“This edition of the festival can be considered as a festival of cinema products for the most important generation of the next century; a generation that must redefine the country in the new world and protect its power, culture, pride, and identity,” he added.

On the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Tabesh said, “Although the tragedy of this pandemic is terrible, at least it assures us that the next generation, from an early age, has experienced and learned to deal with difficult circumstances and pay due attention to the importance of cooperation and teamwork in the face of major crises.”

“My hope is that the artists and filmmakers of our time have designed and produced their works in accordance with these new conditions and based on the requirements of this new era,” he stated.

The 34th International Film Festival for Children and Youth opened on October 8 in collaboration with the Iranian Cinema Organization, Farabi Cinematic Foundation, and Isfahan Municipality. The festival will end on Oct 13.


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