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good news iran: IME witnesses trade of commodities worth $400 million Dollars

Within a week ending on October 8th, 2021, the IME witnessed trade of 1,606,000 tonnes of commodities valued at 399 million USD on its physical market.

According to a report by the IME’s international affair and PR, within the week, the exchange traded 1,222,000 tonnes of commodities worth almost 190 million USD.

On this floor, the IME’s customers purchased 938,860 tonnes of cement, 263,452 tonnes of steel, 1,220 tonnes of copper, 3,690 tonnes of aluminum, 300 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate, 15 tonnes of precious metals concentrate, 310 tonnes of zinc, 20 kg of gold bars and 20,000 tonnes of sponge iron.

Furthermore, the IME saw trade 376,227 tonnes of commodities on both domestic and export pits of its oil and petrochemical trading floor valued at almost 199 million USD.

Commodities sold on this floor included 103,000 tonnes of vacuum bottom, 101,513 tonnes of bitumen, 86,830 tonnes of polymeric products, 34,464 tonnes of chemicals, 34,500 tonnes of lube cut, 3,060 tonnes of base oil, 3,000 tonnes of slops wax, 105 tonnes of insulation and 20,880 tonnes of sulfur.

It’s worth noting that the IME witnessed trade of 500 kg of saffron on its agricultural trading floor.

Last but not least was the IME’s side market with 7,764 tonnes of commodities traded on it.

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