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good news iran: Portugal to host “Careless Crime”

The 19th edition of Doclisboa International Film Festival in Portugal will host Iranian film “Careless Crime” directed by Shahram Mokri.

“Careless Crime” will be screened at the New Visions section of the 19th Doclisboa International Film Festival.

The synopsis of “Careless Crime” reads, “Forty years ago, during the uprising to overthrow the Shah’s regime in Iran, protestors set fire to movie theatres as a way of showing opposition to Western culture. Many cinemas were burned down. In one tragic case, a theatre was set on fire with four hundred people inside, most of whom were burned alive. Forty years have passed and, in contemporary Iran, four individuals also decide to burn a cinema down. Their intended target is a theatre showing a film about an unearthed, unexploded missile. Will past and present meet?”

Doclisboa seeks to imagine reality through new cinematic forms of perception, reflection and action, placing filmmaking into dialogue with its history to question the present of cinema. Doclisboa is interested in films that are rigorous about their conceptual and formal implications; films that experiment with cinema’s artistic and political possibilities and refuse to be categorized; films that engage with and mirror the complexity of the world. The 19th Doclisboa presents 249 films from 62 countries and 51 are world premieres. The international Competition showcases 13 films from 14 different territories.

The 19th Doclisboa International Film Festival will be held on October 21-31 in Lisbon.

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