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good news iran: ‘The Cocoon & Butterfly’ goes to Cinekid Festival

‘The Cocoon & Butterfly’ is about an eight-year-old girl (Parvaneh) who is out of school because of a disability. The nine-year-old boy (Yavar) tries to teach her.

The film has been also taken part in the 16th Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival in South Korea.

The festival will kick off with a bang at its new location in Amsterdam Noord, and in 40 other towns and cities across the Netherlands.

Cinekid Festival, the world’s biggest platform for children’s films and media, opens its 35th edition on October 13, 2021, with the world premiere of Captain Nova; a modern and thrilling sci-fi film from director Maurice Trouwborst.

Starting this year, Cinekid will be a national festival with a brand-new main hub at Pathé in the heart of Amsterdam Noord and other key locations across the whole country, from Groningen to Rotterdam.



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