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good news iran: ‘Absence’ to go on screen at ‘Mostra’ film festival in Brazil

In its international presence, ‘Absence’ will be screened at the most prestigious South American film event; São Paulo International Film Festival.

Ali Mosaffa wrote and is producing, starring in and directing Absence, which is described as a mystical thriller and is being made as a co-production between Iran, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The film’s protagonist arrives in Prague from Tehran to find out more about his father’s past as an expatriate in Czechoslovakia. A resident of the flat where Rouzbeh’s father lived fell out of a window, and the protagonist soon finds out that it was his half-brother, Vladimir. “As he discovers the hidden corners of Vladimir’s life and draws closer to his soul, he learns a shocking fact about his father, which is in total contrast to the hero he had admired,” reveals the synopsis.

A host of Czech actresses star in the film, including Zuzana Stivínová, Magdalena Borová, Petra Nesvačilová, Antonie Formanová and Klára Melíšková, plus Slovakian actress Zuzana Kronerová.

The São Paulo International Film Festival, also known internationally as Mostra, is an independent film festival that takes place in the most frenetic and populous city in Brazil. The São Paulo International Film Festival is a competitive festival with an emphasis on independent works.

Mostra will be held from October 22 to November 3.



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