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good news iran: Pres. Raeisi vows to solve economic problems

Speaking in his second televised interview on Monday night, President Raeisi said that economic problems facing people in the country can be settled with the cooperation and collaboration of government officials and people.

He added that his administration will try to settle economic problems diligently.

Turning to the spread of coronavirus in the country, he said that general vaccination of people against COVID-19 has been put atop agenda of his administration.

According to statistics, more than 79 percent of people in the country have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and God willing, the same volume of second dose of COVID-19 vaccine will be injected before start of cold season in the country.

Those people who have received second doses of COVID-19 vaccine, must observe health protocols and guidelines fully in order to prevent spread of the disease in the country, President Raeisi highlighted.

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