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good news iran: Iran’s exports to ECO member states up by 80% in H1

Iran’s trade 15,307.000 tons of goods valued at $7,255,000,000 with ECO member states during the first six months of the current Iranian of 1400 (from March 21 to August 21), which showed a 67% and 60% growth in weight and in the value of traded goods, respectively compared to the same period of last year, said the Spokesman for IRICA Seyyed Rouhollah Latifi on Tuesday.

“Out of a total of 15,306,916 tons of traded goods, 12, 878,839 tons of goods worth $4,555,123,472 was the share of our country’s exports to ECO while was 2,428,078 tons worth $2,700,106,929 dollars was the share of imports from 9 ECO member countries to Iran,” Latifi added.

 “The country’s exports to ECO member states are more than 5 and 1.7 times the imports in weight and value, respectively and Iran’s trade balance with ECO members in the first half of this year was positive $ 1,855,000,000. The exports to these states have registered 98% and 81% percent hike in terms of weight and value, respectively as compared to the same period last year,” he added.

Regarding the volume of imports from ECO, he noted that 2,428,0000 tons of goods worth $ 2,700,000,000 were purchased from ECO member states in the first half of the year, which showed a decrease of 9% in weight, but in terms of value, it has recorded a growth of 34% in transactions.

The spokesman added that the main destinations for Iranian products were Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Azerbaijan, while the major ECO exporters to Iran included Turkey, Pakistan and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, respectively.



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