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good news iran: Iran eyes 1,100 ton/year odorant output by 2023

According to the National Iranian Gas Company, Majid Chegeni said Iran is the third producer of gas odorant in the first South Pars refinery.

“Using the power of specialists, researchers and domestic companies through Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company, the company designed, supplied equipment and constructed a natural gas odorant production unit with a capacity of 800 tons per year, which due to restrictions, production capacity in the first step was 200 tons,” Chegeni added.

“But with the efforts of experts and with the changes made in one year in the refinery feedstock, the production capacity has now reached 550 tons per year,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum stated that the long-term design of this project, which is still with the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) will lead to a higher production of this strategic item, and said, “Based on this design model and using feed concentration, the production capacity of the item will reach 1,100 tons per year in the next two years.”



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