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good news iran: Iran ready to coop. with UN to help cease war in Yemen

Speaking at a meeting with the UN Special Envoy for Yemen’s Affairs Hans Grundberg in Tehran on Tuesday, Vahid Jalalzadeh, Chairman of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said that Iran is always ready to continue its cooperation with the United Nations and countries of the region to help cessation of war in Yemen, start political negotiations and alleviate suffering of the oppressed and defenseless people of that country.

Now, it has been seven years since the crisis in Yemen began, during which, the world is witnessing the daily sacrifice of Yemeni women, children and civilians an example of a crime committed against humanity, Jalalzadeh said, adding, “Unfortunately, the devastating war in Yemen still continues amid silence and support of some world powers.”

The official stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the beginning of crisis in Yemen has been to emphasize intra-Yemeni dialogue between all groups and to avoid foreign military aggression, he underlined.

Jalalzadeh stressed the need to concentrate efforts of the UN Special Envoy on lifting the inhumane blockade on Yemen and establishing a ceasefire and starting political talks in Yemen.

Continued measures taken by the United Nations play a very important and constructive role in termination of conflicts in Yemen and attaining a lasting peace in this country, he emphasized.

Visiting UN Special Envoy for Yemen’s Affairs, for his part, appreciated Iran’s positive role to help establish peace and stability in the region and world and said that efforts and constructive measures taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran for ending conflicts in Yemen and attaining peace and security in this country is ‘commendable’.

Grundberg described his talks with Iranian authorities during Tehran visit as ‘positive’ and expressed hope that Yemen crisis would be resolved with the help of regional countries and efforts of the United Nations.



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