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good news iran: Azerbaijan’s relations with Iran to remain positive as always

Speaking among reporters on Fri., Jeyhun Bayramov Foreign Minister of Republic of Azerbaijan stated, “I am confident that amicable and friendly relations between Iran and Azerbaijan will develop in a positive direction as always.”

“There are values between Iran and Azerbaijan that connect us as two close neighbors and together we can implement projects for welfare of our people and government,” Bayramov emphasized.

In recent months, some misunderstandings spread in relations between the two countries and both sides expressed their views in this regard, he said, adding that there may be differences between the two countries, even with other neighboring countries and this is no exception.

“We are in favor of finding a solution to the existing differences through negotiations and within the framework of neighborly relations,” Azeri foreign minister stressed.

Turning to this point that he has had telephone conversations with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in the recent weeks, Bayramov added that formal and informal consultations have been made through diplomatic channels and it is hoped that positive and constructive steps will be taken between the two countries in future.



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