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good news iran: Over 70 countries call for taking part in Iran Cinéma Vérité

According to the statistics of the Secretariat of the 15th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, the countries applicants for taking part in this edition of the festival were announced as follows.

India, Brazil, Spain, Italy, USA, Turkey, Russia, Argentina, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, China, Canada, Egypt, Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Bangladesh, Belgium, Netherlands, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, Australia, Serbia, Korea, Iraq, Romania, Lebanon, Croatia, Hong Kong, Peru, Chile, Austria, Sweden, South Africa, Pakistan, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Slovakia, Finland Sweden, Ecuador, Venezuela, Morocco, Hungary, Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Ireland have voiced their readiness to take part in Iran International Documentary Film Festival ‘Cinema Verite’.

It should be noted that the 15th Iran International Documentary Film Festival will be held on Dec. 9-16, 2021 in seven sections of national and international contests, Shahid Avini Award, national and international side sections, a special section of Iran 1400 and specialized tutorial workshops.



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