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good news iran: Iran to use Kyrgyzstan as corridor to SCO region

Iran’s Minister of Transport and Urban Development, Rostam Ghasemi met with Kyrgyzstan Minister of Economy and Commerce, Daniyar Amangeldiev on Saturday to discuss transport and transit possibilities between Iran and Kyrgyzstan.

Daniyar Amangeldiev is heading a delegation to Iran including the advisor to Prime Minister of Kyrgyzistan, Deputy Foreign Minister, and Deputy Transport Minister.

“Considering recent membership of Iran in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Iran can use Kyrgyzstan as a Corridor to the countries within SCO region and similarly Kyrgyzstan can access eastern and southeastern countries via Iran,” Rostam Ghasemi said.

“Currently there is possibilities of rail transit from Bandar Abbas to Kyrgyzstan and considering existing agreement with Turkmenistan, it can be further developed…moreover road air transport can be expanded”, he stated in the bilateral meeting.

Joint commerce, investment, exporting technical and engineering services, tourism, and agriculture were also further discussed.

In the meeting, the Kyrgyz minister proposed formation of a joint economic development fund to support common projects and it was also welcomed by Iranian Minister.

The two sides agreed to make preparations for realizing agreements achieved during previous joint commission.

The Kyrgyz delegation will visit Bandar Abbas ports today.


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