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good news iran: Joint Iran-Afghanistan cooperation committees open Wed.

The seven committees began their work in Kabul in the presence of the Iranian delegation and the acting Taliban ministries of agriculture, refugee affairs, information and culture, economy and commerce and Industry during a ceremony on Wednesday.

During the inauguration ceremony of the committees, Kazemi Qomi said the committees are intertwined with the interests of Iran and Afghanistan.

The Iranian diplomat added the foreign powers have created a lot of problems have for the people of Afghanistan, adding that the foreigners would not allow Afghanistan to use Afghanistan’s resources

Meanwhile, he said Iran was ready to help Afghanistan develop its capabilities.

Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan went on to say that the occupiers have fled Afghanistan, but their malign activities are continuing.

He also said Iran and Afghanistan need to increase cooperation by removing obstacles and barriers.

He further explained that the working committees should draw a roadmap for joint cooperation with a prospect for 5 to 10 years of cooperation.

The Iranian diplomat added that Iran is not solely thinking of exporting goods to Afghanistan but it is looking for exporting engineering services to the country.

Hassan Kazemi Qomi at the top of the political and economic delegation arrived in Kabul on Monday for a three-day visit to hold talks with Taliban authorities. He met with high-ranking Taliban officials such as Mullah Ghani Baradar.



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