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good news iran: Iran, Georgia agree to strengthen trade-economic ties

In a meeting held between Iranian Ambassador to Georgia Akbar Ghasemi and minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Natela Turnava in Tbilisi on Friday, the two sides reached an agreement to increase the volume of bilateral economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

In the meeting the Georgian head of joint economic commission was also present during which the latest developments concerning bilateral trade and economic exchanges discussed.

According to Iran’s embassy in Tbilisi, Georgian and Iranian officials reviewed various issues including facilitation of economic exchanges, effective combat against wrongdoing, documents of Iranians’ properties, ways to promote economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, re-export, new horizon for traders, removal of obstacles facing Iranian investors, transit routes, truck owners of both sides as well as regional energy networks.

Turnava and Ghasemi also discussed ways to address other topics such as holding economic and trade exhibitions at provincial level, planning for developing road networks, following up six partite sessions on Corridor between Persian Gulf and Black Sea, promoting startups, holding economic webinars, encouraging private sector, and developing balanced tourism.



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