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good news iran: Iran always welcomes negotiations with Saudi Arabia: Khatibzadeh

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stressed that Iran has always welcomed the negotiations with Saudi officials, considering it to be in the interest of the people of the two countries and the region.

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Khatibzadeh said about the Iran-Saudi Arabia meeting in Baghdad, “We also saw these published media and press reports. Contradictory quotes have been published”.

“Iran has always welcomed the talks with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and considered it in the interest of the people of the two countries and regional peace and stability, and this will continue,” he added.

The spokesman also announced that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif traveled to Indonesia on Sunday.

Regarding the purpose of Zarif’s visit to Indonesia, Khatibzadeh said, “It is a bilateral visit. As we know, last year was the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. In the last two years, any trade relations between the two countries have almost doubled and this trip is to pursue bilateral relations, improve ties and remove trade barriers. This trip was already on the agenda”.

Khatibzadeh also stated that Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi will pay a visit to Tehran on Wednesday.

“During the visit, bilateral issues will be discussed and the third common border will be opened between Iran and Pakistan,” he said.

Regarding Vienna talks, Khatibzadeh noted, “Progress has been made and we are on the right track but it doesn’t mean that disputes have been solved.”

Referring to the Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to Iran and the non-signing of a comprehensive cooperation document between Tehran and Moscow, Khatibzadeh said, “Two parallel documents are being completed. What is considered as a document of cooperation between the two countries is renewed every five years, which ended in April this year, and it is automatically renewed according to its contents.”

“This document is valid, but we are working on a comprehensive cooperation document that was also discussed during this trip,” he added, saying, “This document is being followed up and will be signed at an appropriate time.”

“During the visit, a document on cultural cooperation was signed, which has been under consultation between the two countries for a long time,” the spokesman noted.

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