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good news iran: 1,400 Iranian-made automobiles to be exported to Azerbaijan

Rostam Ghasemi made the comments at a meeting of Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Economic Commission which was also attended by visiting Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev on Sunday in Tehran.

Ghasemi pointed to similarities and long-standing bilateral relations between the two countries, expressing hope that the two countries will resolve the barriers to bilateral relations during the Azeri delegation’s visit.

The Iranian minister also said that the implementation of the agreements signed by the two sides can serve the interests of the people of the two countries.

He also pointed to the construction of a 100-meter bridge at the shared border and the completion of the Rasht-Astara railway corridor as two very important projects which will be discussed during this trip to be finalized.

“Our Azerbaijani friends have invested in the construction of a terminal in Astara of Iran, part of which has been completed while some other parts are remaining, which is going to be discussed over in these negotiations to complete the terminal. We will also hold a meeting in Astara of Azerbaijan.”

“We will reactivate the project of the Nakhchivan-Mashhad railway. Road transport and road transit cooperation is one of the most important negotiations of this commission,” Ghasemi added.

“Last year we exported 400 cars and this year, fortunately, it has increased to 1400 cars,” the Iranian minister said.

“Also, by launching joint production of Iranian cars in Azerbaijan, we can export cars to other countries in the region through Azerbaijan,” he also said.

He further noted that there are problems in the field of transportation, adding that the issue of tolls and transportation costs have been witnessed recently while in the past transit was smooth and normal.”

Ghasemi also expressed hope that the transit and transportation return to normal on the Azerbaijani soil.

He added, “In the past, we had oil and products relations with Azerbaijan, which we will continue.”

Ghasemi recalled, “We have ongoing talks about energy and power. Iran has high technology in other industries such as automobiles. In addition, Iran Khodro Corporation is ready to make trucks and buses.”

He also said, “Iranians have the capability in the construction, urban development, road construction fields and other types of development projects in Azerbaijan, for that, we will cooperate with Azerbaijan to implement technical and engineering projects in the country.”

The Iranian minister further pointed out, the Iranian and Azeri sides are seeking to materialize the trade target between the two countries, which will be signed by the joint commission of the two countries in the future.



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