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good news iran: Iran sends 13th shipment of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

An Iranian airplane carrying 13 tons of food, blankets, medicine and medical equipment, landed at Nangarhar Airport on Sunday.

The humanitarian aid from Iran is scheduled to be delivered to the families of the injured and victims of the terrorist attack in the city of Spin Ghar.

A recent explosion during a Friday prayer sermon at a mosque in the city of Spin Ghar in Nangarhar province killed three people and injured about 20 others.

According to a statement issued by the Nangarhar Press Office, the aid will be distributed to those in need in Nangarhar Province.

The previous 12 shipments of Iranian humanitarian aid to the Afghan people have been transported to the impoverished country by land and air over the past two months.

Majid Sadeghi Dolatabadi, Iran’s consul general in Jalalabad, met with Taliban officials yesterday and announced that the consignment would be distributed to the families of the martyrs and the wounded in the recent explosion.

Earlier, Seyed Hassan Mortazavi, Iran’s deputy ambassador to Afghanistan, said that the twelfth shipment of Iranian aid had been delivered to the Afghan people.

He noted that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran emphasizes the continuation of humanitarian assistance from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the oppressed people of Afghanistan.



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