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good news iran: Azerbaijan ready to jointly make car parts with Iran

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev made the comments at a meeting of the Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Economic Commission which was chaired by Rostam Ghasemi, the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development in Tehran on Sunday.

At the start of his remarks, Shahin Mustafayev pointed to the similarities between Iran and Azerbaijan while expressing hope for the expansion of bilateral cooperation.

“The two countries have great potentials for cooperation,” he said.

The deputy prime minister of Azerbaijan continued “As the heads of the economic commissions of the two countries, we have close relations with each other and from now on we will hold more meetings with the Iranian chairman of this commission.”

He stressed, “The next meeting of this commission will be held in Baku and our trip will continue with fruitful negotiations.”

He said that the joint economic commission of the two countries covers all economic areas, adding that “We can negotiate to increase trade relations.”

“We also have several ongoing projects in the field of power and energy,” the Azeri official said.

“The [Iranian] Minister of Roads and Urban Development pointed to the joint export and production of cars in Azerbaijan, but I say we can also cooperate with Iran in the production of car parts,” Mustafayev said.

He added that the imports of agricultural machinery from Iran can also be discussed over.



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