good news iran: Iran, Qatar to boost sports coop.

Jasem Rashid at the sideline of the general assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) underscored that developing sports relations between Iran and Qatar will undoubtedly lead to more friendship and global peace and the two sides have always had good relations.

Qatar Olympic Committee secretary-general noted that Iran and Qatar can make proper use of the other side’s capacities and for his part, declared readiness for boosting sports relations of the two countries.

Salehi Amiri also pointed to the Tehran- Doha favorable relations and added that holding various sports events in Qatar is the indication of proper planning and equipment in this country. He added that the presented report on hosting Asian Games shows that we will be witnessing a great hosting by Qatar just as the same way in 2006.

He further added that all issues related to the hosting of this country in Asian Games 2030 are favorable, flawless, and underdevelopment and undoubtedly cooperation of the two countries can make a considerable contribution to the development of both countries.

Also, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Iran met with his Jordanian counterpart Prince Feisal Al Hussein. Considering the fact that Prince Feisal is a member of the International Olympic Committee Salehi asked him for more support for Iran in International Olympic Committee (IOC) decisions as well as the development of the sports relations between Iran and Jordan.

78th Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Executive Board meeting in line with its 40th General Assembly was held on Saturday in Dubai without presence of Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah acting as president of OCA.



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