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good news iran: Iran register $36.5bn foreign trade with neighbors

Rouhollah Latifi, the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration said on Wed. that during the 12 months last year, the volume of Iran’s foreign trade with its neighbors in terms of weight amounted to 82.5 million tons of various goods equal to $36.5 billion.

In the said time, as he said, the largest volume of Iranian products was exported to Iraq i.e. 25.67 at the value of $7.44.

After Iraq, the main export destinations of Iranian products and goods are the UAE with 15.4 tons ($4.6 billion), Turkey ($2.53 billion), and Afghanistan ($2.3 billion), Latifi said.

According to him, in the said period, nearly 14.7 million tons of goods at the value of $16.1 have been imported from the neighboring countries.

“Our main imports have been from the United Arab Emirates ($9.7 billion), Turkey ($4.4 billion), and Russia ($1.7 billion).



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