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good news iran: Exports from Bileh Savar border crossing grow by 78%

On his visit to Bileh Savar Border gate on Tuesday, Kalimollah Vosoughi the director-general of Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization in norther Ardabil Province said that in the first 8 months since the beginning of the current Iranian year of 1400 (starting at March 21, 2021) more than 332.000 tons of goods have been exported from the border crossing carried by 14.474 trucks.

283.000 tons of goods were exported by 12.574 Iranian trucks and 39.000 tons of goods by 1,900 Azeri, Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan trucks  from the border gate, according to the official.

Agricultural products, deiifferent kinds of glass, chipboard, gasoline, rebar, construction stones, different types of tiles, dates, salt and profiles were the main Iranian commodities exported during that period, he added.

He said that the major destinations for the exported Iranian-made goods were Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia and the Caucasus, adding that 301.000 tons of goods have been exported from Iran on 13.685 trucks in the current year which shows a 143 % increase in comparison to last year.

The director-general of Ardabil Roads stated that mineral water, cement, MDF, gypsum, chipboard, biscuits, rice, all kinds of clothes, building stones, profiles and salt are the main transit goods.

He stated that in the first eight months of the year 1400, a total of 16,569 passengers crossed the border crossing into Nakhchivan region and Baku.

He also noted that the process of exports and imports of goods in the terminal is running normal and there’s hope that the growing trend of exportation from this border will continue increasing.

Bileh Savar is located in the north of Ardabil on the shared border with Azerbaijan. The customs and border terminal of the city is the only operating border crossing in Ardabil province.



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