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good news iran: Markazi prov. exports $80,000 worth of hand-woven carpets

Saeid Jafari Kahroudi said Monday 550 sqm of the high-quality handwoven carpets were woven and exported in the province since the start of the Iranian year of 1400 (beginning on March 21, 2021).

He further said that major destinations for the handwoven carpets woven in Markazi Province include Canada as the biggest market, followed by China, Kuwait, France, the US, Netherlands, and Germany.

Jafari Kahroudi also pointed out that 14,000 sqm of various handwoven carpets made of full silk, delicate wool and silk, commercial, coarse-textured, gabba and carpet tableau have been woven in different parts of Markazi province

He also noted that as many as 9,450 hand-weavers are registered in Markazi Province who enjoys insurance.



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