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good news iran: Gas swap contract prelude for reviving ties with Turkmenistan

Turning to the trilateral gas swap contract inked between Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Mohammad Sadegh Jokar said that the signing of the gas swap contract is a prelude for the revival of relations with Turkmenistan.

The trans-economic dimension is considered as the most important advantage of turning the country into an energy hub in the region, he emphasized.

“In a swap contract, you do not need to set up a new infrastructure in a way that gas is supplied with the same grid but as far as the transit of gas is concerned, it requires constructing gas transmission line which is time-consuming and will cost dearly,” he added.

He also pointed to the effect of this contract on Iran’s gas exports to the Nakhichevan region, saying, “The recent agreement has no effect on country’s export of gas to Nakhichevan because it is under a different contract and condition.”



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