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good news iran: Iran becomes member of ATAIC Executive Council

The second extraordinary meeting of heads of delegations of the Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries (ATAIC) was held in Sudan in November through a video conference in cooperation with the Tax Board of Iran and tax experts of Islamic countries.

The meeting, hosted by the Permanent Secretariat of the Association in Sudan, was attended by more than 50 tax officials and experts from 18 member countries and the proposed amendment of ATAIC Articles of Association was put atop the agenda and the text of the amended statute was approved.

Following this meeting and according to the amended articles of association, nine countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran were elected to the “Executive Council” of the Association for the first time which will operate for two years.

The Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries (ATAIC) was established in 2003 on the sidelines of the 10th meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).



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