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good news iran: Cinema Verite’s jury members of national section announced

Orod Zand, Loqman Khaledi, Javad Ramezannejad, Mohammad Davoodi, Mohammad Reza Farzad, Saeed Rashtian and Nafiseh Morshedzadeh are the jury members of this section.

Orod Zand:

Born: 1949/Tehran
Graduated: Cinema from University Of Fine Arts

Joybareh, Jazmourian, Shrimp Fishing, New Way, An ordinary Day, Narrators, Qeshm Island, Khuzestan, Hamedan, Treasure, School in the Hands of Children, Shah Abdolazim, Golestan Palace, Eimami Language and I, Inscribed Mud, A Narrative of the Constitution, Bitter Sugar, Sleep and wake up, Khan Agha, with Shams, the watchmaker
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Documentary filmmakers
Association, winner of the best film in the field of tourism and best research text from the 28th Roshd Film Festival (1998) for the documentaries «Qeshm Island» and «Treasure», winner of the best narration from the 29th festival Roshd (1378) for «Ganjine»

Mohammad Davoudi: 

Born: 1958/Tehran
Graduated: Cinema and TV school

Cinematographing of news and war documentary films (1988-1980), producing, directing and Cinematographing of sixteen documentaries and reporting documentaries, producing of the feature documentary, the cinematography of a feature film -Rain, God is the color of winter, the birth of a butterfly
The management of the filming unit of the Radio and Television (1997-1991), the winner of Simorgh Blorin, the best filmmaker of the Fajr Film Festival (1997) for the film The Birth of a Butterfly, the winner of Simorgh Blorin, the best filmmaker of the Fajr Film Festival (2005) for the winter film.

Loqman Khaledi:

Born: 1978/Kermanshah
Graduated: Editing

The focus-short film, Documentaries: I am passenger, Subscriber, we are all
accustomed to tea, A little higher, outdoor food, Nesa, Pruning season, steep slope.
The winner of best directing for the documentary pruning season ,9th Cinema Verite film festival-The winner of the best documentary from 27th Tehran Short Film Festival for the film Subscriber, winner of statue of the best documentary from 22nd Fid Marceille Film Festival for the film A little higher.

Saeed Rashtian: 

Born: 1956/Tehran
Graduated: Master’s degree from Shiraz University
Producer of several documentaries, including Mirror of Culture 1 and 2,
comprising  30 documentaries, We Were at War, Illustrators of the Revolution,
Conversation with the Revolution, My Tehran, Hezardestan Amir Jahed,
Mohammad Bahman Beigi, The Last Way

Research and writing of documentary films, Chairman of the Board of the
Documentary Producers Association

Mohammad Farzad:

Born: 1978/Tehran
Graduated: Master of Theater, Faculty of
Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Gom-o-Gor (Lost), Falgush, The Forget-Me-Not Egg, Wedding: A Closet Documentary, as I lay dying
Poet, translator and screenwriter, member of the jury at several international film festivals such as Copenhagen Documentary Festivals, Jihlava, Plzen, Dakobaku, Prague Iranian Film Festival – his films have been screened at various national and international film festivals such as the Berlin Film Festival, the Thessaloniki Film Festival, The future of the Leipzig Documentary Film Festival and has won awards.

Javad Ramezan-Nejad:

Born: 1977/Tehran
Graduated: PhD in Social Communication Sciences
The managing director-IRIB5, managing director Ofogh Channel, head of Cima Film, managing the director-IRIB documentary channel.

Nafise Morshed-zadeh:

Born: 1971/Tehran
Graduated: Chemical engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Ideation workshop for screenwriter and story workshop for plotters and story production workshop for all “Hamshahri” magazines
She was the secretary of the story section of «Soroush Javan» and «Hamshahri Javan». She was responsible for the story workshop of Hamshahri Magazines Group and she was the editor of Hamshahri Story
Monthly from June 2010 to December 2013, the director of Atraf Publishing.



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