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good news iran: 2 Iranian feature films invited to Rotterdam Festival

The International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands has invited two Iranian feature films.

Iranian feature films “Hit the Road” directed by Panah Panahi and “Zalava” by Arsalan Amiri will be screened at the festival.

Following the extension of measures announced by the Dutch government in the national press conference on 14 December, the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2022 will go ahead in Rotterdam. The festival invites audiences, press and industry guests to attend film screenings, performances and installations from 26 January to 6 February.

The festival will continue to place paramount importance on the health and safety of all visitors and aligns with the guidance of the Netherlands’ Institute for Public Health and Environment (the RIVM). The current regulations include social distancing, the coronavirus entry pass, the mandatory wearing of face masks in indoor locations and a nationwide evening lockdown for cinemas and hospitality from 17:00 onwards. IFFR 2022 will accommodate the requirements set by the RIVM that apply to the duration of the festival.

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