good news iran: Female weightlifter breaks natl. record in world c’ships

Female Iranian weightlifter Fatemeh Yousefi in the +87 kg broke Iran’s record at the 2021 World Weightlifting Championships underway in Uzbekistan after lifting the 219 kg weight.

In the women’s +87 kg category, Mousavi lifted 85kg in her first attempt in the snatch and 89kg in the second attempt in the snatch and 93kg weight in her third attempt in the snatch.

In the first attempt in the clean and jerk, the Iranian girl lifted 115 kg weight, followed by lifting 121 kg weight in her second attempt, and finally in her third attempt she lifted 126 kg weight over her head.

With a total of 219 kg, she improved the national record of the super heavyweight category in the +87 kg in the women’s division for about 6 kg in the snatch, 5 kg in the clean and jerk and 11 kg in total.



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