good news iran: Iran ranks 1st in neuroscience field in region

Mohammad Taghi Joghataei said that based on the study and assessment carried out by international organizations, Iran ranks first in neuroscience and cognitive neurology in the region.

He also added that Iran currently ranks 19th in the world in the field of neuroscience, 13th in behavioral neuroscience, 17th in the cellular and molecular field and 12th in artificial intelligence and neuroscience.

Joghataei, who is also the President of the Iranian Neuroscience Society (INSS), stated that the 10th Neuroscience Congress 2021 is slated to be held on Dec 22-24, 2021 virtually in Tehran.

He underlined that the 10th Neuroscience Congress 2021 will focus on brain mapping, computational neuroscience, epilepsy, brain stimulation, neurotechnology, brain damage disorders, neurogenetics, cognitive rehabilitation in the elderly and coronary heart disease and its impact on the nervous system.

During the conference, which will be participated by Iran, Turkey and Georgia, two specialized panels of regional associations on neuroscience will be held as well, he added.

Joghataei underlined that all the speeches and articles submitted to the congress will be presented virtually.



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