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good news iran: Iran, India to expand cooperation in Chabahar: Safari

Mehdi Safari made the comments after the meeting of the Foreign Economic Relations Coordination Council on Sunday.

The deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy said that relations with India topped the agenda of the council’s meeting.

“The next issue regarding the investment of some countries in Chabahar is that neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, can establish joint venture companies and export their products to the countries of the Persian Gulf and India,” he said.

He said that the Indians have recently demanded the purchase of condensate from Iran and Iran has suggested they can use a barter system to do business with each other.

He added that Iran can exchange condensate for raw materials to produce drugs inside the country.

“India was able to take advantage of Chabahar, we have suggested to investors from other countries to invest in Chabahar; Chabahar is close to Pakistan and we are trying to operate this corridor as well,” Safari said.



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